We Are


Her-Ability Foundation, is a Tanzanian-registered NGO with registration number OONGO/R/0108. We work to unlock and showcase the potential of university girls with disabilities.

We Exist Because

  • Graduates with disabilities face challenges in accessing internships, employment and self-employment opportunities.
  • All universities in Tanzania do not have Policy frameworks for provision of services to ensure academic excellence and full inclusion for students with disabilities.
  • Physical structures, academic lessons and social interactions remain inaccessible for students with varied disabilities.
  • Ongoing initiatives by both the government and civil society organisations for promotion of inclusive education are mainly at pre-primary, primary and secondary school levels, forgetting the higher learning institutions.
  • Legal aid/empowerment for building citizens inner power, agency and ability to influence for their rights have neglected higher learning students with disabilities.

To Bring Change, We Work With

  • University girls and boys with disabilities.
  • University students.
  • University academic and administrative staff.
  • University management
  • University students
  • Communities


Girls and women with disabilities realizes and manifest their academic, economic, social and political potential.


To support girls and women with disabilities realize and manifest their academic, economic, social and political potential through policy influencing, role modeling, research, legal aid, capacity building, awareness raising and campaigns.